COVID-19 Safeguards



  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant will be provided at the office

  • Members are encouraged to wipe down tables and chairs before and after using them

  • Showers will be closed in accordance with CDC guidelines

Entrance and Exit Procedures

  • Member body temperature will be taken before entering the pool

  • Members who have a fever will be asked to leave the pool immediately

  • Alternate entrances and exits will be made available by member request


Social Distancing


  • Tables and lounge chairs have been arranged within CDC specifications

  • Social distancing is encouraged between members in and out of the pool that do not live together

  • Parents are encouraged to speak with other parents regarding interaction between children

  • Lifeguards will not stop children from playing with each other in or out of the pool or enforce social distancing, as this distracts them from their primary role