Pool Opening 2020
pool before opening -cropped.jpg

These snowbirds left without paying any rent :)

Check out all the hard work our pool board has done getting the pool ready for Opening Day!

Baby Pool is in full operation!
IMG_0402001 (1).jpg

The Baby Pool had a complete overhaul and is almost like new!

  • Pump Bearings Replaced

  • Lines were cleaned from pump house (a small toy had clogged the lines)

  • Pool was drained, cleaned, and repainted 

New Supply Lines for Water Spigots
supply line in ground exposed 2.jpg
supply line exposed 2.jpg
supply lines - dirt covered.jpg
Pool Draining and Pressure Washing
pool opening lanes clean.jpg
Gutter Repair, Concrete Resurfacing and Painting
concrete work 2.jpg
pool paint work 5.jpg
pool paint completed 2.jpg
pool paint completed.jpg

2015 Pettus Dr NE, Huntsville, AL 35811, USA

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